Teaching at EUCON International College is an outstanding mission opportunity!

Saipan is the closest United States territory to mainland China and is accessible to the Philippines, Korea, Taiwan, and Japan. Thousands of contract workers from China and other Pacific Rim countries reside in Saipan to earn U.S. currency, and many parents strongly desire American-style English-language for their children.

In addition, Asian cultures value education and many Asians desire a U.S. college degree. Yet student visas for the continental United States are difficult to obtain due to the war on terrorism. Eucon International College provides these students a means to earn a U.S. college degree in Saipan, which is much closer to Asia and which welcomes international students under its own immigration laws. Thus, EIC can attract students from across the Pacific Rim, introduce them to Christ, and send them back to evangelize their homelands.

You can be a part of this vital outreach! Teaching at EIS or EIC is a unique missionary work . . . and yet teachers are fully salaried (so you don't need to raise financial support), instruction is in English (so you don't need to learn another language), and you never leave the United States (so you don't need visas or passports or inoculations).

Current needs at Eucon include . . .

Two college education teachers are needed:

    - Two years college teaching experience
    - Must possess at least a master's degree, a doctorate degree is much preferred
    - Expertise in report preparation, self-study, and strategic planning for college accreditation

    Please apply at EUCON International College (670) 235-3203 or email to info@eucon.edu

Three teachers are needed at EUCON International School of Korea


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