Accreditation ::

EUCON International College has been granted full accreditation since April 7, 2009.

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Executive Administration
President/CEO : Christian Wei, Ph.D., Ed.D.
Executive Vice President : Judy Wei, M.A., Ed. D. (Candidate)
Vice President : Wayne Johnson, M.A., M.Div., D.Min.

Administration Staff
Dean of Academic Affairs : Sean Sartler, B.B.A, M.Div.
Associate Dean of Academic Affairs : Dr. Wade Bacon, M.S., Ed.D.
Dean of Students : Christian Wei, Jr., M.S., Ed.D. (Candidate)
Director of Admission/Registrar : Feng Mei Lucy Sartler, M.S.
Director of Institutional Effectiveness : Vilma Reyes, M.S.
Acting CFO : Rapture Tarlit, B.S.A.
Operations Manager : Pete Miral, B.S., M.S.
Librarian : Elizabeth De Lumen, P.L.S., B.S.A., M.B.A.
Director of Recruitment : Edward C. Earwood, M.S., Ed.D. (In Progress)

Governing Board
Eddie Wang, M.A.R., D.D. (Chairman)
Dye Chang Castor Hu, B.S. (Secretary)
Wei Min Wayne Ma, B.A. (Treasurer)
Chao Chou Joseph Wang, B.S. (Member)
Christian Wei, Ph.D,. Ed.D. (President)

Advisory Board Members
Mr. Jack Buttram
Dr. David Crandall
Mr. David Wei
Mr. Nickolas Lam
Mr. George Worrell
Dr. David Yearick

Legal Advisor
Dr. Chuck Hofstra


“In accordance with regulation 8 C.F.R §214.3(j) this school is authorized under Federal lawd to enroll nonimmigrant students.”